The soft-skills and team-dynamics of employees is swiftly becoming a significant aspect of maintaining a healthy and productive atmosphere in companies  We all have a common affinity for collaboration, exploration and problem-solving demonstrating that: Humans shine when they play!"
TEAM-BUILDING &  SOFT-SKILLS WORKSHOPS. Mango Shorts's expertly designed and executed workshops have activities that will allow you to: Uncover new skills that exist within your team,  Reduce employee stress,  Improve team-bonding,  Unveil the creative potential of your teammates, All while having tons of FUN!"
Decision-making skills. Getting your team to work together in a productive manner is not easy.  Activities like The Barter Puzzle, Sneak Peek, Desert Ranking, etc. help them get out of  their comfort zones and strive for a common goal.  These activities will push employees  to sharpen their decision-making  and problem-solving skills  collaboratively. "
Communication skills. In a team, being able to express and interpret information effectively is crucial. Interactive games help break boundaries between employees, and help them  develop better interpersonal and collaboration skills. With games like Mind Meld,  The Two-Headed Monster, Human Knot, etc. expect a lot of laughter and noise!"
Adaptability skills. An employee's ability to adapt to new situations and handle them quickly and effectively is indispensable. Activities like The Road Trip,  Straw Snooker, Ultimate Teammate, etc. help show them the importance of planning, timing, and thinking  on their feet."
Idea generation activities. Generating and developing new ideas keeps your organization relevant and creatively ahead of  your competitors. Activities like Opposites, Looking Deeper, Use That!, etc. teach your employees collaborative-creative thinking and catalyze innovative  solutions to problems."
Trust building activities. Trust is essential to fostering a sense of safety and positivity in a team. This allows teammates to feel comfortable to ask for help, open up, take appropriate risks, and expose vulnerabilities. Activities like Mine Field, The Perfect Polygon, No Blinking, etc.  allow members to get to know each other in ways that improve morale and productivity."


How many people can participate?

We create and run epic workshops for groups of ten to a thousand.

How long does a workshop last?

Our offerings range from activities lasting an hour to the entire day, depending on your budget, desired outcomes, and location. We tailor each workshop according to your needs.

Can everyone participate?

Yes. People of all levels of physical ability can join in. Please inform us about any special needs in advance, so that we can organize the activities accordingly.


We customise each event according to your needs.

Tell us a little about what you're looking for and we'll make sure you get it!