Bruhaha + Chatpate Combo


Bruhaha and Chatpate are the perfect party games!
They are competitive, fast-paced, and super fun.
Enjoy these card games with friends and family. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Combo of 2 super-fun party games for adults and kids.

Bruhaha: Eliminate your friends and fight your way to the top in this highly strategic, fast-paced card game! Hit your rivals with hammers, and dance away from incoming Hits. Unlock power cards by collecting 3 of a kind to heal yourself and to go on rampages. Play individually or in teams (Beware of friendly fire!), but don’t forget to laugh in the face of the losers with a loud “Bruhaha.”

Chatpate: Welcome to the Chatpate restaurant. Eat the most to win this fast-playing card game! Order a dish or play a special card but think carefully – everything you didn’t choose will be passed to the next player! Indulge in mouthwatering dishes and add a splash of chutney to triple their value. Dip into someone’s plate with a Spoon or mess around with some light Dhakka-Mukki. Collect the most points before someone calls for the Bill!

  • Combo of Bruhaha & Chatpate Card Games
  • Family-friendly, party games for 2-6 players
  • Add immense fun to your game nights
  • Top Quality card games, packed in hard boxes
  • Pre-Shuffled so you can start playing right away! Play it anytime, anywhere.

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