How To Play Chatpate

Welcome to the Chatpate restaurant. Eat the most to win this fast-playing card game! Order a dish or play a special card, but think carefully – everything you didn’t choose will be passed to the next player!

Indulge in mouthwatering pani puri, dosa, pav bhaji, and sandwiches. Add a splash of chutney to triple their value. Dip into someone else’s plate with a Spoon or mess around with some light Dhakka-Mukki. Don’t forget to get dessert before someone calls for the Bill!

You can’t can play Chatpate just once. You will find yourself coming back for more again and again.


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It is a fun strategic game and has added immense fun to our game nights. The art work is amazing and if you are a foodie you are going to love it. Its fast and easy to learn. Game Night Staple.

Chirag CS

Love this game! All my cousins and I play endless rounds of this and it’s always fun and laughs!!

Ishani Bagaria


Family-friendly Party game for 2-6 players


Eat the most to win this fast-paced card game.


Start playing in 4 minutes!