The Best Party Game in Town: BRUHAHA

Make your game nights super fun with Bruhaha - A highly-strategic, fast-paced, quick-witted card game!
Hit your rivals with hammers, and dance away from incoming Hits
Play individually or in teams (Beware of friendly fire!), but don’t forget to laugh in the face of the losers with a loud “Bruhaha.”

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Games bring people together & Mango Shorts facilitates that coming together. We are passionate about creating games that bond people with laughter and joy.



Bruhaha is the perfect party game!
It is competitive, fast-paced and super fun.
Play individually or in teams (Beware of friendly fire!)
Enjoy this card game with friends and family. Anytime. Anywhere.

Photo Hunt

Photo Hunt is the perfect way to add a little fun to your party.
Teams of guests will take pictures and videos of themselves in hilarious situations to collect enough points to win!

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